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How to Register Additional Participants for an Event

You can use any athleteReg site to register more than one person for an event in a single transaction, or to register yourself for multiple events in a single transaction.

To register yourself and someone else for the same event, register yourself first, and then instead of “Checkout” click, “Register Another Participant For This Event.” You’ll be returned to the event page, and should choose the correct category for your additional person, and then "Add To Cart" at the bottom of the page. 

You'll then be taken to the Participant Contact Information page, where you can click "I'm registering someone new," and then enter the additional person’s information. If you frequently register someone else for events, such as a family or your team, use the “Manage Additional Participants” feature to save this person’s information.

To register yourself for multiple events, instead of clicking "Checkout," return to the event search or calendar listing to choose another event, and proceed. Use the “cart” link in the top menu to review which event registrations are in your cart, and to proceed to checkout. Note you must register with your athleteReg account to have the first event saved to your cart. 

Service fees for each event remain standard; there is no service fee discount for registering for multiple events in one transaction.