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USSS New Event Director

If you are a new SkiReg Event Director the first thing you will need to do is create an Event director account here:

1. Log in to your Event Director Account, and under Event Director Tasks, select “Create New Event”.

2. Enter Event Details: Fill out your event details, including event basics, location, dates, contact info, sanctioning, registration page setup, automated email preferences for registration summaries, and advertising and promotional options. Items with a red asterisk must be completed before saving the event, but most can reviewed and updated at any point later on by clicking “General Event Setup” under “Event Setup.” See Setting up your Event for additional information about options and features. If you wish to change your event date, you must message Customer Support Here.

3. Once basic event details are entered and saved, you will be prompted to enter payment information.

4.Enter Payment Information: Once your event is created, you are prompted to choose a method of payment, either direct deposit or check. If you choose direct deposit, enter your bank routing number and account number and agree to the direct deposit terms of service. If you choose check, note that you can have checks made payable to a club or another organization, and enter different name and address for mailing. To change or update your payment information later, go to “Event Payment” under "Event Setup." 


5. Once payment information is entered you’ll be prompted to create at least one category or a merchandise item, and told that your event is pending approval by athleteReg staff. Staff review events for completeness and then publish them within 24 hours. Unless you are renewing or copying an event, there are additional areas in which you’ll want to enter information before your event goes live and appears on calendars; see below.  If you know you will need more than 24 hours to complete your event, message Customer Support to ask them to wait to publish your event.

6. Create categories: After entering payment information, you will be prompted to create at least one category or merchandise item for your event. You must set up one category or merchandise item for your event to appear on any live events calendar. To return to category set up at a later time, click “Category Setup” under “Event Setup." For details about creating categories, see How to Setup a Category.

 7. Add merchandise: Want to sell t-shirts, mugs or meals? Use “Merchandise” in Event Setup menu to list, describe, show, price and track availability of merchandise. Once you have listed an item (t shirts, for example), use the “add options” feature to list sizes, prices and quantity available. For more about merchandise features, see How to Setup Merchandise on your Event Page. Use the “Add donation” option to collect additional donations from participants towards your cause or organization. Want to encourage participants to fundraise for your organization or cause? Use, our integrated fundraising site. 

8. Add event information: Use “Event Notes” to provide additional information about prizes, parking, sponsors or anything else you want to tell your participants. Add notes in Rich Text Format as well as graphics or sponsor logos uploaded from your own computer. Text and graphics entered here will appear below the categories and merchandise items on your event registration page.

9. Preview your event: Use “Public Reg Page/Print” to view your event as you work on it.  Once you are ready for your event to go live send a message to Customer Support and we will review and publish your event.

If you need any assistance setting up your event, message Customer Support or call Monday through Friday from 9:00AM-6:00PM EST at 888.956.9560.