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How to create Multi-Entry Discounts

The Multi-Entry Discount tool gives you the option of proving a customizable discount to participants who purchase more than one registration option within your event.

To turn these discounts on, select Event Setup then click the Multi-Entry Discount menu item

 1. There are two discount options:

      a. Fixed Rate: any additional events will be a flat rate

      b. Discount on additional registrations: any additional events will be discounted a set amount


    2. You can also set the discounting to only be applicable to categories on the same day or in the same group. During the setup process, you will have the option to set the discount type to:

         a. Event Wide

         b. Group discount: lets you apply discounts to the specific groups outlined by your group headers; this discount will only apply to the categories within group headers that discounts were created for

        c. Date based: similar to the group discount, but allows for more versatility because you can offer a discount if a single participant enters multiple categories for the same day