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How to Set Up a Category

Category Setup is used to create the categories for which participants register.

For example, many running events include a 5K and a 10K, or offer different prices for youth and/or senior participants. Many cycling events include Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3/4, and Cat 5/Novice categories with different start times. Even if your event is just a single race with one price, you’ll still need to set up at least one category in order to collect registrations.
To create new categories:
1. Login to your Event Director Area, and click the name of your event in your event list
2. Select Event Setup from the menu on the left
3. Scroll down and select Category Setup
4. Click the blue Add New Category button

5. When creating a new category, category name, entry fee and start time are required in the General section.
6. Scroll down to “Additional Details” and select the toggle button to turn on and activate additional settings. Enter Restrictions, Fee Schedule, Sanctioning Bodies, Team Setup,  Series Setup, Waitlist, and click the green “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

*Events with many categories, such as cycling road races, may wish to use the “Copy from Existing Category” feature, in the grey box at the top of any new category window.

*If your event is held over multiple dates, make sure to set the Category Dates for each cateogry.

To edit existing categories:
Select the EDIT button to the right of the category you wish to edit

To Bulk Edit Categories:
Event directors may also wish to update all categories at once, for example, to set fee increases. To do this, choose the categories you wish to edit by checking the boxes to the left of the categories on the main category page and then click the green “Edit Selected Categories” button. This is referred to as a “bulk edit.”

Creating Category Headers:
For events with many categories, use Category Headers to help participants find what they are looking for. After selecting the event you wish to update, click “Edit Categories,” then the “Add New Group Header” button at the bottom of the page. Create titles for the group headers and then drag and drop categories into the correct headers.