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How to Change a Participants Category or Remove Their Registration

To change a participant’s category or remove a participant from your event, perform the steps below. Note that the event director is responsible for collecting or refunding any difference in entry fee to the participant. To refund part or all of the entry fee, see Refunding Participants. If additional fees must be collected, it’s easiest to do so on site.


1. Login to your Event Director account, and choose the event you wish to edit.

2. On the right under "Registration Data," click "Edit/ Search Registrations."

3. Click 'View All Registrations' or search for a participant by name.

4. Once you have located the participant you want to edit, click "Edit" to the right of the participant’s name.

5. Find the "Category" section and expand it.  Open the drop down menu and choose a new category, or “Removed Registrations,” at the bottom of the list. If the participant was entered manually, you can also completely delete the participant.

6. If you wish to remove the participant from the event, choose the category “Removed Registration.”

7. Click "Save And Close."