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Setting up Category and Registration Transfers for your Event

Event directors can now enable the new transfer category and/or transfer registration feature on their event. Transfer category and transfer registration allow participants to handle their own transfers following the stipulations event directors lay out, making less work for event directors in the long run. Event directors can easily enable these features when setting up their event, or enact it in an existing event. Event directors can also choose to charge a transfer fee if they want.

How does it work?

To enable Transfer Category, use the following steps:

1. Login to your event director area and navigate to your event.

2. Under Event Setup click on General Event Setup.

3. Navigate down to the, Registration Settings bar and click on it to expand.

4. Scroll down to Category Changes and select the radio button with the text: ‘Participants can change the category they registered for, provided they pay the difference in price (if applicable) and the new category is not closed.’ This will prompt a change in your selection for allowing participants to edit entries. It will change it so that participants can edit entries, but not change their name.

5. Scroll to the bottom and click the ‘Save Event Details’ button to enable the feature.


To enable Transfer Registration follow steps 1-3 from above, and then use the following steps:

1. Scroll down to the Registration Transfers section and select the radio button with the text: ‘Participants can transfer their registration to another participant‘. This will also prompt a change to allow participants to edit entries, except name.

2. NEW: You can now select to allow participants to change their category when they receive a transfer.

3. A registration transfer surcharge can also be enabled using the blue box below the Registration Transfer choice. This will charge the participant receiving the entry.

4. Scroll to the bottom and click the green ‘Save Event Details’ button to enable the feature.


Transfer FAQ

What is a transfer surcharge?

You can choose to charge participants an additional fee if they want to change categories or transfer their registration. This can serve to encourage participants to only change categories/transfer their registration if they are serious about the decision. It also results in additional funds collected by the event director to account for anything extra they may need to do in their event to accommodate the change.

Who pays the transfer surcharge?

In the case of a category transfer the participant must pay the surcharge. In the case of a registration transfer, the participant receiving the transfer will be billed for the surcharge when they checkout to transfer into the category.

If my event is closed can participants still transfer?

No, if your event is closed participants can no longer transfer their category.

If a category is full will participants still be able to transfer into it?

No, a filled category will not take any more participants, including transfers.

If a participant transfers out of a full category what happens?

The category will not automatically re-open. You can manually re-open it by going into the Categories section, selecting to edit the category and then un-check the box with the text: ‘Close Category’ next to it. This will open up a closed category for more registrants.

Can participants move into a less expensive category?

Yes, but they will not be refunded for the difference in price.

Can participants move into a more expensive category?

Yes, they will be charged the difference and be prompted to checkout again.

Will I be notified when someone transfers?

Yes, an email will be sent to you whenever one of your participants makes a transfer.

Can participants update contact information or custom question answers during this process?

Yes, participants will be able to change their contact information if they wish and change their custom question answers. If your custom question includes a fee and the participant opts to change it they will still be charged the difference in price, but they will not be refunded if they opt out of a custom question option that they have paid for. However, the amount paid in their original registration (entry fee + custom question cost) all counts as credit toward any entry that may cost the same or more.

Can participants transfer into a restricted category?

As with any online registration in a category with age, gender, or ability restrictions, if the participant does not meet the restrictions, they will see a warning message explaining the restrictions. They can bypass these restrictions by entering an explanation, but you will be emailed if they choose to do this.

Can a participant transfer into a category that requires a USA Cycling license if they do not have one?

No. If a USAC license is required, and a one-day option is not available the participant will not be able to transfer.

How does the invite process work for participants to transfer their registration to someone else?

If a participant wishes to transfer their registration to a different participant they can choose to do so if the event director has enabled this feature. They can click on ‘Edit’ under their entry and choose ‘Transfer Registration’. Here they will be prompted to enter in the email address of the person receiving the transfer and click the button again.

Once the email has been sent, the person receiving the transfer will need to go through the checkout process to receive the transferred registration. They will need to go through this process regardless of if the transfer includes a surcharge. Once the transfer is successful the original participant will receive a confirmation email.